Official Presentation: the World Tour is coming to Barcelona

Official Presentation: the World Tour is coming to Barcelona

Barcelona will be hosting one of the Badminton Super 300 HSBC World Tour events. Badminton had its debut as an Olympic Sport at the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics. The world’s fastest racquet sport will return to the Catalan capital after 26 years. The first edition of the Barcelona World Tour Spain Masters will be held from August 28 to September 2, 2018 at the Pavelló Municipal d'Esports de la Vall d'Hebron.

The presentation of the event took place on July 24th at the Dr. Melcior Colet Sports Center and Museum of Barcelona and was attended by personalities such as Luís Villanueva, Assistant Deputy Director of High Competition of the Spanish Higher Council of Sports; Toni Reig, director of the Catalan Council of Sports of the Catalan Government; Maite Fandos, sports deputy of the Barcelona Provincial Government; Marta Carranza, sports commissioner of the Barcelona City Council; David Cabello, president of the Spanish Badminton Federatio and Rafael Lucas, president of the Catalan Badminton Federation. Pierre-Emmanuel Czaja, executive director of Setteo, also attended.


At an institutional level, Marta Carranza assured that "it is a challenge and a responsibility to present today this first edition of a new event that we welcome in our city, and that help position Barcelona as a benchmark in world sport." Maite Fandos, meanwhile, highlighted the importance of bringing high-level badminton back to the city: "we owed badminton another important event other since the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and this is a very good opportunity to accomplish it."


On behalf of the federations, the presidents of the Spanish and the Catalan, David Cabello and Rafael Lucas thanked the commitment to the three institutions for making this event possible in Barcelona. "We want to thank the institutions for the decisive commitment they have made to this event and the vision they have had to bet on an activity that is going to have a very important impact," said Cabello. "It is a very important tournament in the world circuit, and it has come here to stay," said Lucas.


On behalf of the CSD, Luís Villanueva reinforced the contribution of the State by granting the event the distinction of exceptional public interest "we wanted to contribute to the development of badminton, that this event of exceptional public interest serves to continue growing at the level of results and practitioners " Toni Reig has closed the ceremony extolling the importance of the "unity of all the institutions present at the event in order to enhance the image of Barcelona at a social and sporting level in a long-term project".


This competition is part of the most prestigious group of tournaments worldwide, with a validity period of four years (2018 - 2021). A total of up to $ 150,000 will be distributed in cash prizes, which will increase to € 200,000 at the end of the period.


This World Tour has the state recognition of exceptional event of public interest and the participation of more than 200 athletes from 32 countries is expected. Among them will be the Spanish gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio, Carolina Marín, which will have the opportunity to shine again at home.

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