Intense quarter-finals round at the Barcelona Spain Masters

Intense quarter-finals round at the Barcelona Spain Masters

The Barcelona Masters of Spain HSBC World Tour continues its course at the Vall D'Hebron Olympic Sports Centre. The quarterfinals have been played this Friday with very even games, although most of them were solved in two sets. The tournament enters now to its final stretch, with the semifinals on Saturday and finals on Sunday.  

One of the most intense matches of the day was between Jan O JORGENSEN [4] (DEN) and Yu IGARASHI [5] (JAP). In only two sets (21-10 and 21-13), IGARASHI managed to get rid of one of the legends of European badminton, offering from both sides a show with a great resource of technical and tactical aspects. This time JORGENSEN was not able to beat the Asian rival, even though he won against the Riichi TAKESHITA 2-1 in the second round.

Suppanyu AVIHINGSANON (Thailand), seeded in the tournament, won the Israeli player Misha ZILBERMAN [7]. The long rallies have dominated throughout the match, but finally the final score was 21-16 and 21-14 for Avihingsanon.

On the other side, Danish Rasmus GEMKE keeps defending being the number 2 seed of the competition, after beating Indian Ajay JAYARAM. JAYARAM started the match strong, and sentenced the first set 21-13. When everything seemed headed to the victory of the Indian player, in the second part of the second set, GEMKE managed a 10-0 run that gave the return to the marker placing the Dane with 17 - 10, an advantage that remained until the end of the set (21-13). The third and final set was for GEMKE (21-11). GEMKE will face Toby PENTY [8] (England) in the semifinals.

In WS, the Danish Mia BLICHFELDT [3] continues with a firm step towards the final, after beating the Thai Busanan ONGBAMRUNGPHAN [5]. The final score of 21-18 and 21-17 reflects the equality of both players. Mia BLICHFELDT [3] will face off in the semifinal match with her teammate Line Højmark KJAERSFELDT [7], who has beaten German Yvonne LI.

Minatsu MITANI (Japan) has beaten local player Beatriz CORRALES [8], the only player in the host team who was still in the tournament, 21-17 and 21-15. MITANI keeps on her fight for the gold medal and tomorrow she will face the Scottish Kirsty GILMOUR [6]. GILMOUR, meanwhile, managed to win Sayaka TAKAHASHI [2] in the third set, tracing the last points of the first set, giving the second and knowing how to keep the score distanced in her favor in the third (21-16, 11 -21 and 21-15).

In men doubles, the Malaysian duo CHEN Tang Jie - Wei Chong MAN against the Danes Frederik COLBERG - Joachim FISCHER NIELSEN closed the quarterfinals, with one of the most exciting matches of the day with an increased intensity. The Danes gave the first set after a clear Asian domino by 21-15. In the second set, the Danes advanced on the scoreboard and took some advantage. With a greater control of game and a counterattack to the hard-offensive game, the Europeans obtained the set to their favor by 21-17. In the third set, the CHEN - MAN duo increased the intensity and speed of the net attack to kill the game 21-15.

In women doubles, the number 3 seed of the tournament, Maiken FRUERGAARD - Sara THYGESEN (Denmark) have managed to beat the duo Chiew Sien LIM - Sueh Jeou TAN from Malaysia by 21-17 and 21-11. The Danish duo will be the only European representation in the fight for the finals, in which the rest of the players are from Japan.

In the mixed modality, the seeds of Marcus ELLIS - Lauren SMITH (England) follow their way after beating in a fast match the Danes Lasse MØLHEDE - Sara LUNDGAARD. The English couple advance firmly in the competition by finishing the match 21-14 and 21-19.

The semifinals will start at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday September 1st.

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