Finalists for Barcelona Spain Masters’ tournament decided

Finalists for Barcelona Spain Masters’ tournament decided

Barcelona Spain Masters 2018 already knows the players who during the semifinal match have managed to beat their opponents and, therefore, will dispute the final in their respective modalities on Sunday morning September 2. As it has been usual throughout the tournament, the high quality of the game has been remarkable in all matches played.

In men's singles, Danish Rasmus GEMKE [2] managed to beat Toby PENTY [8] (ENG) with two tight sets (21-19 and 21-17). GEMKE will face in the final Thai Suppanyu AVIHINGSANON [1], who obtained the victory in his match against Yu IGARASHI [5] by 21-11 and 21-15.

One of the most exciting matches of the day was the women's SINGLES that faced the two Danish players: Mia BLICHFELDT, seeded number 3, and Line Højmark KJAERSFELDT, number 7. The match has been very even the whole time as both are experts on each others game. The first set fell to the BLICHFELDT side (21-18), while the second set went to KJAERSFELDT (21-19). In the third and final set, BLICHFELDT decided a 10-3 against, going up until the break by 11-10 in their favor. KJAERSFELDT did not give up and followed their selection partner closely on the scoreboard, although the last points were won by BLICHFELDT, adjusting her net play and ending the match with a 22-20.

The other WS finalist is the Japanese Minatsu MITANI, who beat Scottish Kirsty GILMOUR [6] with her fast game, tight defenses and variety in service (21-15 and 21-16).

On men doubles, the Korean couple KIM Gi Jung and LEE Yong Dae have needed two sets (21-11 and 21-17) to beat Malaysians CHEN Tang Jie and Wei Chong MAN. It was the fastest match (34 minutes) but one of the most intense in the competition. The duo KIM -LEE will cross in the final with the Thai Bodin ISARA - Maneepong JONGJIT, who have defeated the Japanese Akira KOGA - Taichi SAITO (19-21, 21-8 and 21-12).

Women doubles final will face Japanese players Mayu MATSUMOTO - Wakana NAGAHARA (seeded in the competition) and Ayako SAKURAMOTO - Yukiko TAKAHATA (number 2). Danish Maiken FRUERGAARD ​​- Sara THYGESEN [3], could not beat the Asian duo MATSUMOTO - NAGAHARA, although they forced the third set 17-21, 21-16 and 21-12).

English couple Marcus ELLIS - Lauren SMITH [1] have sentenced their pass to the final in mixed doubles that faced them against Japanese Kohei GONDO - Ayane KURIHARA. It was a tight match the whole time, although the details in the last parts of both sets have tipped the balance in favor of the Europeans: 21-17 and 21-16. In the final they will face Danish Niclas NOHR - Sara THYGESEN [4], who have resolved their semifinal against Malays CHEN Tang Jie - Yen Wei PECK (21-10 and 21-18) with some ease because of the unforced errors of the Asians and a service control of the Europeans.

Finals will start on Sunday September 2nd at noon.

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